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Pressure Treated Decking
Often referred to as green treated, this is pine lumber that has injected with a preservative to prevent rot and decay. Pressure treated decks are the most affordable option but requires annual sanding and staining. This type of decking tends to experience a greater amount of splitting, twisting, warping, shrinking, or swelling.
Cedar Decking
Cedar has a soft natural grain that offers an attractive appearance and is naturally resistant to rot and decay.  Cedar tends to resist a lot of the issues associated with treated wood and is more economical than maintenance free making it an excellent addition to any home.  Cedar decks also require annual care to extend the decks life.
Maintenance Free
Maintenance free materials offer the homeowner a chance to customize their deck with several different colors, brands and options to choose from. With an outstanding durability, many of the top brands offer 20 to 25 year warranties. With no annual sanding or staining these decks look great year after year
Cedar Fence  
We build fences that last! We use premium 8-inch cedar pickets that are installed individually not cheap prefab panels. We also use premium screws to build the entire fence instead of  nails that can work themselves out over time.  

Vinyl Fence     
Vinyl fences look great and offer the convenience maintenance free care. There are several colors and styles to choose from.
 Aluminum & Steel 
These fences can really dress up a yard with a classic appearance. They also come in a variety of colors, heights, and styles
From a small tools shed by the garden to a multi vehicle garage we can help you design & build it from the floor up. 

Pergolas ​​​​

Add some shade to your deck or patio with a pergola!   

Let us help you assemble premanufactured kits or we can design and build from scratch.